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by Thailand 100m Deep Freediver
- Vootipong Limpanitivat

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About Me.

Hey there! I'm Vootipong Limpanitivat from Thailand. Since 2020, I've been a passionate freediver, exploring the deep sea.

I am a multiple national records in freediving for free immersion (FIM), constant weight no fins (CNF), and constant weight bi-fin (CWTB).

My specialties lie in depth disciplines (FIM, CNF, CWTB). As a self-coach freediver, I've achieved remarkable personal adaptation, going from 50+ to 95m in just about 37 training sessions.


And now, I offer coaching and consultation in English and Thai, both online and in person.Join me on this amazing journey of freediving,

Freediver Journey is based in Bangkok, Thailand, whether you are looking to Freediving in Bangkok, training, coaching, or even mouthfil equalization 

Together, we'll push our boundaries and discover our limitless potential in Freediving,

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